5500 New Testament Manuscripts is the deception of Numbers

Christian Missionaries boasts and shouts that they possess around 5500 New Testament manuscripts. Surely, this number is great and impressive, but can it back up the claim of the Church that it unequivocally still preserves the true word of the authors of the New Testament? The answer is NO! Approximately 85% of those manuscripts were …

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Be merciful to the People

As I look around myself it really hurts me and makes me upset that these days people are not kind and merciful towards others. People do not overlook others' minor mistakes and pardon them for that. Instead they fight over li'l things and bear grudges.This happens within our Muslim Community also.If a Non-Muslim becomes inconsiderate …

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Our happiness is not like theirs

Who told you that distracting music, immoral songs, cheap soap operas, reprehensible plays, offensive magazines and dubious movies bring happiness and joy? Whoever told you that, is lying! These are things that lead to misery, depression and distress, as acknowledged by those who have worked in those fields and then repented. So flee from this …

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