Our happiness is not like theirs

Who told you that distracting music, immoral songs, cheap soap operas, reprehensible plays, offensive magazines and dubious movies bring happiness and joy? Whoever told you that, is lying! These are things that lead to misery, depression and distress, as acknowledged by those who have worked in those fields and then repented. So flee from this …

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Take Pride in Islam

Prominent Islamist thinker Syed Qutb said: ‘There is nothing in our Islam of which we are ashamed or anxious about defending; there is nothing in it to be smuggled out the people with deception or do we muffle the loud truth which it proclaims . This is the defeatist mentality , defeated before the West, …

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Is everything created without any purpose?

Let us begin with a parable: Imagine entering a hotel room on your vacation. The CD player on the bedside table softly playing a track from your favorite recording. The framed print over the bed is identical to the image that hangs over the fireplace at home. The room is scented with your favorite fragrance. …

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Do not be amazed by the disbelievers

LIFE.This is the only thing which we all got for once.We won’t be having second Life in this world.Some of us,rather most of us want all the things that we desire and long for.But unfortunately due to some reasons we don’t get all that we desire.And we get sad for that. But have we wondered …

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Don’t Apologize!!

For Muslims , the whole post 9/11 era has been one of immense stress and trauma, with a well-orchestrated Islamophobic campaign demonising and maligning them and their beloved religion.A more worrying factor, however, has been the damage caused to the spirit and soul of the Muslim Ummah as a consequence of the post 9/11 era. …

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Why blame GOD for all the problems we face in our world today?

It’s often said by atheists, ‘where is God’, and with all the problems we see facing our world today, such calls become more and more common. So where is God in all of this? Why is he letting bad things happen? Why isn’t he getting involved to sort things out? It’s not a question of …

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Where is our Unity?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LU8DDYz68kM Have you seen the unity? But where is ours? Where is the Unity amongst the Muslims? Alas!We can’t defend ourselves. Today as a Ummah we are divided amongst ourselves into sects and groups for which our strength as One Ummah is reduced.While Allah has commanded us to not to get divided.As we read in …

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