Do not be amazed by the disbelievers

LIFE.This is the only thing which we all got for once.We won’t be having second Life in this world.Some of us,rather most of us want all the things that we desire and long for.But unfortunately due to some reasons we don’t get all that we desire.And we get sad for that. But have we wondered what is this Life?

Surah Al-Hadid talks about the reality of the transient life of this world. Several descriptive words are used to reveal to us its true nature. After that, Allah warns us to remember that the life of this world is nothing but a “deceptive enjoyment”.

Know that the life of this world is only play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting among you, and rivalry in respect of wealth and children, as the likeness of vegetation after rain, thereof the growth is pleasing to the tiller; afterwards it dries up and you see it turning yellow; then it becomes straw. But in the Hereafter (there is) a severe torment (for the disbelievers, evil-doers), and (there is) Forgiveness from Allah and (His) Good Pleasure (for the believers, good-doers), whereas the life of this world is only a deceiving enjoyment.[Qur’an 57:20]

In another Ayat Allah has also said something similar:

And what is the life of this world except the enjoyment of delusion.[Qur’an 3:185]

And we all are running after this world.How amazing isn’t it?

Sometimes some of our Muslim brothers and sisters wonder that why after being Muslim we are so poor and struggling in our life and going through all sorts of hardship.While the disbelievers are enjoying their life and are living a luxurious life.

But folks. Did anywhere in the Qur’an ALLAH has said that by being mere believers we gonna have a happy life? Didn’t Allah said that he will test us and this life is a test?[See Qur’an, 2:214,2:155-156,29:2-3]. Didn’t Allah said in Qur’an that He gives provision to whom He wills without account?[See: Qur’an 2:212, 3:27, 13:26, 17:30, 24:38, 29:62, 39:52, 42:19]. Then why these questions are coming to our mind? Moreover the most sufferers in this world are our beloved Prophets right up from Adam to Noah,to Moses, to Jesus and to Muhammad peace and blessings be upon all of them.They were Allah’s best servant and creation.Allah could have given them affluent and easy going happy life.But did that happened? No!! Then why on earth we being the sinners expect a happy and affluent life?

Why are we looking all the time at the disbelievers and are getting amazed by what they have got and what they achieved and being unhappy and ungrateful to our Lord? Shouldn’t we be thankful to Allah for what He has bestowed upon us? Didn’t Allah said: “la-in shakartum la azeedannakum wala-in kafartum inna Aazabee la’shadeed.” Which means: ‘If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.'[Qur’an 14:7]

Then why on earth we are being Thankless to ALLAH and calling wrath upon our ownself???

Moreover in Qur’an Allah has consoled the believers by saying that:

Beautified for those who disbelieve is the life of this world,[Qur’an 2:212]

Be not deceived by the [uninhibited] movement of the disbelievers throughout the land. [It is but] a small enjoyment; then their [final] refuge is Hell, and wretched is the resting place.[Qur’an 3:196-197]

And never think that those who rejoice in what they have perpetrated and like to be praised for what they did not do – never think them [to be] in safety from the punishment, and for them is a painful punishment.[Qur’an 3:188]

We grant them enjoyment for a little; then We will force them to a massive punishment.[Qur’an 31:24]

“… be not deceived by their [uninhibited] movement throughout the land.”[Qur’an 40:4]

And let not those who disbelieve ever think that [because] We extend their time [of enjoyment] it is better for them. We only extend it for them so that they may increase in sin, and for them is a humiliating punishment.[Qur’an 3:178]

Allah said, do not look at the disbelievers, who are enjoying various delights and joys. Soon, they will loose all this and be tied to their evil WORKS, for verily, we are only giving them time, which deceives them, when all they have is A brief enjoyment; then their ultimate abode is Hell; and worst indeed is that place for rest.Is not Allah’s verse sufficient for you O MUSLIMS???!!!What else do you want??Allah has promised JANNAH for the Muslims and that is enough for Us.As we read in Qur’an:

And give good tidings to those who believe and do righteous deeds that they will have gardens [in Paradise] beneath which rivers flow. Whenever they are provided with a provision of fruit therefrom, they will say, “This is what we were provided with before.” And it is given to them in likeness. And they will have therein purified spouses, and they will abide therein eternally. [Qur’an 2:25]

they who believe and do righteous deeds – those are the companions of Paradise; they will abide therein eternally.[Qur’an 2:82]

But those who feared their Lord will have gardens beneath which rivers flow, abiding eternally therein, as accommodation from Allah . [Qur’an 3:198]

So that’s it folks!! Do not be amazed for what the disbelievers have. Rather be thankful to Allah and strive to be a True Muslim by obeying Allah and his Messenger.IN-SHA’-ALLAH you gonna have JANNAH.

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