Migration of Muslims in India are still on…

 “Saare jahaan se achha Hindustan Hamara,
Iqbal aaj hotey toh yeh kehta nhi dobara.”

What else will come to my mind when I see perpetrators of riots are going scot free and murderers are becoming ministers. what else will come to my mind when I see a Muslim Man gets lynched by Hindus for eating beef  and Girls are being raped for having beef. What else will come to my mind when I see Police and military are helping thugs and goons to rape & murder Muslim women and butcher Muslim men. What else will come to my mind when we were denied of justice. What else will come to my mind when the Hindus call to sterilize Muslim women so that they can’t be pregnant and bear kids. Tell Me guys what else will come to my mind. Just tell me!!!

“Yeh mulk hamara ho kar bhi hamara nhi hai”

Since Independence in many places Muslims were butchered, mass killings and genocide took place. To make sure Muslims doesn’t grow in numbers and hence remain in the ditch and this was done in very planned way by the Hindus . I will say those incidents of anti-Muslim violence are politically motivated and organized and pogroms or acts of genocide, or a form of state terrorism with “organized political massacres” rather than mere “riots”. And constantly the right wing Hindutva groups like RSS,VHP,Sangh Parivar et al try to make feel Muslims that this is not the country of Muslims, and we are not the inhabitants of this land, and that we came from foreign land and that we have no contribution in the struggle of Independence, although these claims are baseless. The Hindus even go to the extent that they brand all Muslims as traitors. I just wanna say to those who alleged Muslims as traitors:

“Aye Delhi bata tujhe dhoka humne kab diya hai,
Jo kuch itranay ke layak sab humne hi diya hai.”

[ here am talking about Taj Mahal,Red Fort,Qutb Minar and other wonders of Muslim architecture]

After partition M.S.Golwalkar the RSS ideologue wrote in his book,that Muslims in India hasn’t become patriot o’er night so they should be suspected and should be constantly watched with vigilant eye. He also went on to say that Muslims are the biggest enemy of India. More venom against the Muslims can be found in Golwalkar’s book named-We or Our Nationhood Defined’ and, ‘Bunch of Thoughts’. Hindutva propounder Veer Savarkar justified rape as a legitimate political tool. This he did by reconfiguring the idea of “Hindu virtue” in his book Six Glorious Epochs of Indian History, which he wrote in Marathi a few years before his death in 1966. Constantly sowing the seeds of communal venom into the minds of people, created many right-wing Hindutva organisation whose mind is full of hate and some kind extremism towards the Muslims. Its reaction comes in the form of Communal Violence in India which has a history from Calcutta (1964), Bhagalpur (1989), Babri Masjid (1992), Gujarat (2002), Kandhamal (2007), Muzaffarnagar (2013),Assam riots and so on. These all events create a panic amongst Muslims in India, and hence we no longer feel safe here in between the Majority group.

This lead to the migration of Muslims towards a place where the majority of people are of their same faith i.e., MUSLIMS. Migration of Muslims into the Muslim majority area is accelerated; most affected places are urban cities though the picture of rural area is not so different. A general perception is created among the minds of Muslims to live only in Muslim dominated areas as it’s a safe side and more or less now it’s true in present scenario. Muslims dominated areas become Mini Pakistan, e.g. Jamia Nagar, old Delhi area In New Delhi; Mitiaburj, Rajabazar in Kolkata; Mumbra, Md Ali Road in Mumbai etc etc. Literally there is a village in Purnea district of Bihar named Pakistan but the number of actual Pakistan is far more and uncountable.

I actually appreciate the idea of Muslims migrating to cities where Muslim population is large. There’s an old English saying, “UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDE WE FALL”. It’s high time we should get united and fight the fascist forces and right wing hindutva thugs. We should move to Muslim dominated areas for our safety and security. If we are in large number people will not mess with us. I would like to urge Muslims to migrate to cities where Muslims are in large numbers and have sizeable population. I know this is not so easy but still. We should stop being emotional and live on our ancestral land and property where our life is at stake. Just sell the property at good amount and migrate to cities like Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and elsewhere. We have to fight our own fight. Never expect somebody else gonna fight for us.

O Muslims!! It’s better we should forego the right to freedom to reside and settle in any part of India which is spelt out in Article 19(1)(e) of the Indian constitution. Because the idea that Muslims can live wherever they wish to like their Hindu compatriots, is now becoming a myth that is only talked about by politicians when they wish to show off India’s secular, democratic credentials. But the reality is far worst to these false claims. Still those Muslims who want to rent or buy flat in the city their choice is limited only to Muslim ghettos because, the flat-owner / landlord give advanced instructions to real estate agents that not to bring Muslim tenants or buyers. Prior to Indian Independence British rulers reserved certain areas for themselves and others for Indians. In the ‘white only’ areas signs were put up saying “Dogs and Indians not allowed”. If things continue then it won’t be very long before signs saying “Dogs and Muslims not allowed” will become the order of the day.

Further Reading:

If anybody wants to learn about killer & Murderer Narendra Modi and also wanna know of Hindutva organisation like RSS,VHP,Bajrang Dal et al. Just Check out the following link:





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