Why blame GOD for all the problems we face in our world today?

It’s often said by atheists, ‘where is God’, and with all the problems we see facing our world today, such calls become more and more common.

  • So where is God in all of this?
  • Why is he letting bad things happen?
  • Why isn’t he getting involved to sort things out?

It’s not a question of where is God? Rather what it is absent is our moral compass, what is absent are the teachings God has laid down for us to follow, so it’s not God who is missing, rather it is his teachings that are missing.

Why are these teachings of God missing? Because we as humans choose to ignore them, and choose to against them. God has revealed the Noble Quran, in the Noble Quran we find guidance, and instructions. God has not left us blind to wander on our own, he hasn’t left us in a state of anarchy to do as we please.

It’s always easy to blame God and ask why doesn’t he get involved, when that isn’t the problem, the problem is us, humans, so the first ones who should be doing anything in order to prevent the bad things from happening is us.

God has told us what to do, given us the rules, the regulations, the teachings, and it’s up to us to follow and live by them, or ignore and go against them. If we go against them and ignore them, then why blame God? Blame ourselves, the problems we see facing us today weren’t created by outsiders, rather the problems we see today, the problems atheists complain about, have come about by our own hands.

And now if we want to solve the problems, then again it must come by our own hands, not simply blaming God and asking God to do everything. The Qur’an in fact has a very relevant verse on this matter:

Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. [Qur’an 13:11]

So reform starts with us first, and then will come God’s help, we simply can’t expect God to come and do everything for us, when we aren’t willing to do and change anything ourselves.


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