Why few Muslims has become terrorists?

People often wonder why it is that ‪Islam is always being accused of terrorism. Why all terrorists are Muslims. Although this is not true but still people have this negative thoughts as because this has been stereotyped by the media and the Islamophobes. Well because it’s the perfect “Red Herring” to distract people from the crimes of USA,‪‎France,‎Russia,Britain,etc.The killers of 5 million innocent peoples remain the champions of peace and the killers of a few thousand become the “threat”, which needs to be surgically dealt with. WoW!! Amazing isn’t it??

There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and 106,000 are members of terrorist groups, so that means 0.006% of Muslims are terrorists and 99.993% are NOT! And these 106000 extremists are not due to Islam but due to Foreign policy of western countries.I just don’t get how is ‪Western Foreign Policy is not seen as the perpetrator.

Do you really think people want to fly planes into buildings or blow themselves up because of no provocation at all? Surely, it’s not right what these terrorists do. Because Islam denounces the taking of innocent lives, and teaches that the murder of one innocent person is like the murder of all of humanity. These youths went against the teachings of Qur’an and Hadees and committed this heinous crime. I strongly condemn those ghastly incidents from the bottom of my heart.

But Hang On!!We cannot see things from one side and be judgemental. Well there’s a reason to why they do it – They are provoked and frustrated largely by Western influence and actions in their lands. This terrorist act is committed by angry and alienated youth who are born or grow up in the Western countries. These youth are angry at the foreign policies of the Western governments which support tyrannical dictators and occupations in Muslim lands as well as they are angry at the alienation and racism they face in their Western countries.If a Muslim youth today appears to be frustrated and angry it is not because of the theology of Islam but due to his apparent inability as a human being to comprehend and/or tolerate monumental hypocrisy and double standards that he sees, plus the mistreatment of his fellow brethren as third-class citizens of this planet. From one continent to another, he sees how his fellow human beings are massacred, maimed and mutilated; how colossal abuses of human rights are routinely carried out against them (Muslims). And yet there are none, not even their own leaders in the post-colonial nation-states, who speak and take action for them. It is a sad and humiliating experience for Muslims.If you bomb a nation and convert a human habitation into a jungle, you will also convert the humans there into animals. The hundreds of thousands of people killed and wounded in Iraq & Syria, and millions displaced, had fathers, sons, daughters, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters. Would they not, like Caesar’s spirit, ranging for revenge, and join the ISIS,Boko Haram, Al-Qaida to seek revenge ? “It is really pathetic how Western political leaders thought that they gonna destroy homes and kill innocents in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria and can sleep in their home peacefully & conveniently without any backlash.Whatever seeds you sow, this shall you also reap. Whatever you do unto others, so shall they do unto you. It’s the same as “what goes around, comes around.”

“Terrorism takes birth in the womb of Injustice and Oppression. It invariably does not arise in a vacuum but in a historical context of persecutions, injustices, and grievances that build up over time to the point of explosion and rebellion. ”

Muslims tend to feel anguished by the incessant reign of terror perpetrated by the Western countries and their allies against Muslim countries; and convinced that they have no other option of getting justice it is natural for handful of them to respond in an identical fashion. Why can’t West understand the simple logic that if they want an end to the violence, they will have to stop violence themselves? No amount of campaigning, no amount of persuasion will stop people from taking revenge in their hands if they witness their fellow community members being subjected to extreme violence by certain governments or at their behest by certain groups. There is no need of any special propaganda to make Muslims feel angered against West. They have watched with their own eyes millions having been decimated in Afghanistan and Iraq for the simple reason that America believed the attack on Twin Towers having been carried out by certain individuals who had some connection with certain individuals in the and of Afghanistan. How can the deaths of more than 2 million of civilians be justified for the death of 3000 in America? How can deaths of thousands of Palestinians be justified for a few hundred innocuous rocket attacks? Why is the life of certain people more valued than that of others? Till West understands this, and instead of studying the Muslim response, focuses on its own follies, they cannot play any role in making the world more peaceful.

Folks it is practically and morally incomprehensible. I am not justifying any terrorist attack but all that I am saying is that it was an inevitable consequence of what some people did.Western countries are playing with our lives. Their policies have already killed countless millions and they are ready to kill countless millions more. If Muslims were going to tear apart the West, they would have done so a long time ago. Muslim rage did not begin with the invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan. It did not begin with the atrocities of Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo or even Syria. Muslims understand very well the destructiveness of Western colonialism precisely because they have been its victims for centuries. But the sublimeness of Islam prevents us from acting upon whim, even when we are the victims of the greatest injustice.The West should thank Allah (swt) a million times for allowing us to hold on firmly to our Islam despite the overwhelming pressure to act to the contrary. If Muslims were a people of pragmatism, the entire West would have already been burned to the ground. The scale of the West’s destruction in the Muslim world is still to this day mostly ignored or not understood in the West. It is time we all confront this stark reality. The struggle is real and it is deadly, and its embers do not recognise borders. Innocents, both Muslim and non-Muslim, will inevitably be its victims. It is high time for every peace loving and rational people around the world to acknowledge this and speak out against Western governments who are meddling in the affairs of Muslim majority countries by torturing, bombing, propping up dictators, stealing natural resources and pretty much running these countries by stealth.

So sadly next time we hear ‘the news bulletins’ regarding “Muslims” that go of on mindless retaliation (as a result of greedy capitalistic wars the west fight) think retaliation and revenge, not #Islam. Grievance is an emotion carried by all ethnicities and sadly faith does not always channel it, why expect Muslims to behave differently?!It is the time to start thinking rather than believing the lie of -‘Islam is the reason of the terrorism’.

This post is not suggesting that 2 wrongs make a right, it’s about understanding the dynamics so that we can deal with the ‘‪Radiclisation’ narrative.‎ Wake Up World and start pointing your fingers at the Capitalistic Rulers, The superpowers and their dirty games of power, greed and hegemony. Don’t Blame Islam.‎Blame Foreign Policy.

Let the world understand that it is the extremist violence perpetrated by West, which is responsible for the devastation in the Muslim World and the dangers in the Western World. The extremist violence by Muslims is only the effect, and is much less threatening than the former. The horrific deeds of ISIS looks much humane in comparison of the oppression and injustices of Western Countries in Muslim lands. This does not in anyway mean support to Muslim extremism. Extremism of all kinds has to be condemned and uprooted; but selective condemnation and selective counter-operations will only deepen the problem. The Islamic scholars are duty bound to teach this lesson to both the Western governments and the Muslim terrorists. If they side with anyone, it will not help the cause. Let’s stop categorising violence. Every act of violence needs to be condemned and confronted, whoever is the victim, whoever is the culprit, whichever the place and whatever the causative ideology.

I have always maintained that the real threat to the current world comes not from religion as such or its different versions but from the atheistic, immoral ideologies based on the supremacy of economics and the desire to establish hegemony over the world. Alas, the religious communities, instead of uniting on the basis of the religious morality preached by all of them against the forces of exploitation are busy spreading hatred against one another on the basis of religious identity. If religious morality not the religious identity becomes the basis of our campaigns, the world can be saved not only from the clutches of the daily violence (wars, civil wars, murders, suicides, rapes, indirect violence caused by alcohol, smoking and sex) but also from the clutches of the forces of hegemony and exploitation.

My suggestion to the Western nations especially US & its allies is that, “Just stop your own terrorism (i.e. bombing other people) and the Muslim terrorist groups will stop their terrorism and also pay some attention to the grievances of the people who are sympathising and supporting the terrorists rather than putting them behind bars under mere suspicion and keep them to languish in jails.”

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