Inferiority Complex and Mental Slavery of Muslims

Mental Slavery of the Muslims has started long back.One common weakness with man is that when he adopts an attitude in life, his approach in the beginning is generally emotional and irrational.Later,he tries to prove it to be rational by resort to argument and reason.The same was the approach adopted by the Muslims with regard to the western culture.It did not arise under the feeling of a rational or religious need,it arose as a result of being overwhelmed by the attractive culture of a dominant power and its vehement propaganda against Islamic culture.When our so-called reformers saw with dazed eyes the western lifestyle and their progress they could not help longing to see their own men & women also tread the same path of freedom and progress. They started suffering from inferiority complex and consequently they threw back their Islamic way of Life and adopted glamorous western lifestyle which is full of evil & immorality. They were so influenced by the western culture that it forced them to believe in these concepts without question,and propagate them by all possible means.They were so convinced that enforcing these western concepts in the practical life was absolutely essential for one who liked to be called “enlightened and broad-minded” as against “rigid and old- fashioned”.Western dress, Western ways of living, Western etiquette, even Western manners of moving about, were imitated and an all-out efforts made to mould the Muslim society after the Western patterns. Heresy, atheism, individualism, and materialism were accepted as a fashion. Any idea, good or bad, that came from the West was accepted without question and favoured publicly to show broad mindedness. Drinking, gambling, lottery system, horse racing, theatre, music, dancing and other evils of the Western civilization were adopted most eagerly. All the Western theories and practices pertaining to culture, morality, social life, economics, politics,law, even religious beliefs and worships, were accepted blindly without ascertaining their validity,like a Divine Revelation, which has to be believed and obeyed. Even the events of Islamic History, injunctions of the Islamic Shari’ah,and the Commandments of the Qur’an and Hadees, that were objected to in the spirit of fault- finding by the enemies of Islam, began to shame the Muslims into apologising. The Europeans objected to Jihad and Muslims readily expressed their indignation against it; they found fault with slavery and the Muslims averred that it was absolutely unlawful in Islam; they objected to polygamy and the Muslims at once closed their eyes to a clear verse of the Qur’an; they said that man and woman should enjoy perfect equality between them, the Muslims said that was their faith; they objected to the Islamic laws governing marriage and divorce, the Muslims were bent on mending and modifying them; they said that Islam disfavoured art, the Muslims stated that Islam had always been patronising music and dancing, painting and sculpture;so on and so forth. All these things mentioned above combined to mislead the Muslims into grave pitfalls. And the whole ‪’‎UMMAH’‬ is suffering now just because of this as we have made all ‘HARAAM’ things ‪’HALAAL‬’ and all ‘HALAAL’ things ‪‎’HARAAM’‬ and stopped ruling by the Book of Allah and Sunnah of our beloved Prophet ﷺ.


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