Interpreting Qur’an through Scientific Theories is dangerous

Tafsīr of the Qurʾān through scientific theories has its danger. If we explain the Qurʾān with those theories, then other theories come along opposed to them, this necessitates that the Qurʾān has now become invalid in the view of the enemies of Islam. As for the view of the Muslims, then they say that the error was in the conception of this person who explained the Qurʾān with it, but the enemies of Islām lie in wait around him to monopolise on his mistake. Science is not the yardstick to prove or disprove Qur’an. The Qur’ān is not in need of science to prove its authenticity. It is not, and should not be treated as, a scientific textbook. However, scientific signs do exist in the Qur’an. If it is studied as signs that lead to enquiry, then these signs can serve the purpose of developing the human intellect, encouraging people to follow the teachings of the Qur’ān: to read, enquire, and research. Whilst the Qur’an alludes to certain natural phenomenon, the primary purpose behind such texts is to make a man reflect on the universe and upon his own self and upon his own creation (how he came to be) so as to come to a concrete realization: That none has the right to be worshipped in truth except Allah alone and that there is no true serenity and satisfaction for the hearts except in this.Science is worldly knowledge, the Qur’an is not to be interpreted by way of it, because it can be right and wrong too. Science is based on logical assumptions, observations and deductions. The scientific method makes two general assumptions, to which we have never observed an exception. One is any phenomena can be understood as an effect of the laws of nature,and second is the laws of nature are the same everywhere. Using existing results make an theory (possibly with assumptions) to explain some unexplained “pattern” in the results . Next it designs an experiment to test this hypothesis and it’s assumptions. Do experiment and see if results fit hypothesis. If test results fit hypothesis all is okay and the tested “theory” is new and published. These are the base assumptions upon which the scientific method is built.Moreover,Science is not absolute, it changes with time and that there is always the possibility of new observations and new findings. So how can the Qur’an be interpreted with something that is dynamic and bound to change,subject to error and subject to absence of (being) sound, because they are from the sayings of men. The attempt to verify and validate Qur’an with scientific results is actually impetuous. How can we compare divine information from God which is static and never gonna change with scientific informations that is dynamic and are based on assumptions?


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