Are Miracles and Supernatural events Unscientific?

Well,Actually not!!A proposition Atheists try and raise to pit science and religion against one another are the claims of miracles and the supernatural events cannot be proven from a scientific point of view, and therefore they are ‘unscientific’ and this shows how religion supposedly contradicts science and why you can’t be a believer in religion and accept science.

Miracles and the supernatural are not unscientific, because at the end of the day science only deals with the realm of the natural world, it does not go beyond that. So the fact that the supernatural and miraculous exists beyond the realm of the natural world, does not make it false or unscientific, it just means it goes beyond the realm and limitations of science. And this is how theists understand it.The supernatural and miraculous events does not clash or contradict with science, it is just beyond the grasp of science, not merely confined to the rules and structures of the natural world.

In fact if there is a God, who created everything, including the natural world and the natural order of things, then we would also expect this God to able to operate beyond the realms of these structures which he created, if he cannot then he is not all powerful, and if he could not then you would bet Atheists would be the first to use this as an argument. So God created the natural order of things, therefore he is very much able to operate outside the natural order of things, such as allowing for miracles to happen, this is only natural.

Onto another point, while God created the natural order of things, he may have and in fact has created other dimensions, and by this we mean other spheres of life-existence that are not limited to our natural world understanding. So other dimensions may exist in their own way, where other beings such as angels etc., live and operate, basically outside the three-dimension that we as humans are limited to. In fact this claim itself is also not unscientific as many scientists have been discussing the reality that everything is not merely three dimensional, the reality of which we humans live in, but that there in fact maybe other dimensions, a fourth, a fifth and so on.

In essence what it comes down to is that atheists live in a very limited box, and in a very limited capacity, anything that exists outside their three-dimensional sphere, or outside their mere materialistic-natural world, is false and unacceptable. Not only does this show a limited capacity, it’s also a display of arrogance of the highest order. Just because other realities go beyond the limitations of the natural world, does not make it false, it just means there is another layer of existence that goes beyond our methods of being able to quantify it.

So at the end of the day Miracles and Supernatural events are not unscientific, as science merely explains how things work, but there are certain aspects of things that go beyond science. Beyond the natural world, beyond our three-dimension, and this doesn’t make it in conflict with science, rather it’s just that science has it’s limitations and when it comes to these areas, science isn’t equipped nor is it even tasked-obligated to deal with these areas. Science has it’s areas that it deals with, the natural world, and that’s where science starts and ends.


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