Hordes of maidens and beautiful women in Hindu Paradise

Talking about sexuality is the most favourite topic of Hindus. Obviously it’s rooted in their genes. Hindu fanatics enjoy a lot mocking others religions with fake references and the only solution to this seems to be showing some facts from their own books. I have no intention to mock Hindu religious personalities or hurt the sentiments of Hindus. But after seeing their mockery of other religions it looks like just a refutation to Hindu fanatics isn’t enough, Hinduism has to be decoded to show those fanatics what they follow. Nowadays Hindus are very actively insulting other religions on the internet,and are indulged in making fun of the beliefs of other religions and considered belittling others as the only way to feel superior. They often make fun of the Islamic concept of Paradise especially of the believers getting Virgins in Jannah, but forget to read their own books.This compelled me to write this article.

This article shall be bit lengthy and are divided into two parts:

(a)Maidens and Women in Hindu Paradise as Ultimate Luxuries.
(b)Harlots for Hindu martyrs those who are slain in the battlefields.

(a)Maidens and Women in Hindu Paradise as Ultimate Luxuries.

It is mentioned in Rigveda 9:113:11 :

“Make me immortal in that realm where happiness and transports, where Joys and felicities combine, and longing wishes are fulfilled. Flow, Indu, flow for Indra’s sake.”

In this mantra, there is a mention of fulfillment of KAMA (sexual) desires. This mantra also mentions three levels of joy and pleasure viz. Mod (मोद), Mud (मुद) and Pramud (प्रमुद). Let us analyze these three words in the light of Sanskrit lexicons and Vedas. These three words and their derivatives occur more or less 40 times. For example,

“Those in which Soma joys and is delighted, as a young man with fair and pleasant damsels. Go you to those Waters, O Adhvaryu, and purify with herbs what you infuse.” [Rigveda 10:30:5]

“I will not fold mine arms about thy body: they call it sin when one comes near his sister. Not me,-prepare your pleasures with another: your brother seeks not this from you, O fair one.” [Rigveda 10:10:12]

From these references we come to know that although all three words Mod (मोद), Mud (मुद) and Pramud (प्रमुद) denote the intimate joy between a man and woman, however, the word Pramud (प्रमुद) especially denotes sexual intimacy in the Vedas as used in Rigveda 10:10:12, Atharvaved 18:1:13, and Yajurved 30:10. Other than this meaning it has no other meaning in the Vedas. Even Swami Dayanand Saraswati has interpreted Pramud as sexual intercourse in Yajurved 30:10.

According to the Vedas, humans who inherit Paradise will enter it with all their organs. One particular verse is produced here

“If Agni Jātavedas, as he bore you hence to the Fathers’ world, had left one single limb of your bodies, here do I restore it. Fathers, rejoice in heaven with all your organs!” [Atharvaveda 16:4:64]

So the private organs will be there in Vedic Paradise. Supporing this view Shatpath Brahman Kaand 10, Adhyay 4, Brahaman 4, Kaandika 4 says,

“Wherefore let him who knows this by all means practise austerities; for, indeed, when he who knows this practises austerities, even to (abstention from) sexual intercourse, every (part) of him will share in the world of heaven”

It is clear from these mantras that sexual powers will be present in Vedic Paradise. Now the question is how and for what will these powers be used in Vedic Paradise. Atharvaved 4:34:2 answers this question as,

“Boneless, pure, cleansed with the wind, brilliant, they go to a brilliant world. The fire does not burn their male organ. In Swarga they get plenty of women.” [Atharvaved 4:34:2]

This mantra strikes a death blow to all those so-called Brahmacharis who sweat at the mere mention of women in Paradise, fearing that this will violate their Dharma. Vedas reject such apprehensions. There will not be just one, but numerous women to fulfill the desire of sex. In this mantra, the word Strenam (सत्रैणम) is used which means ‘a collection of women’. This is the meaning given by the ancient Indian Grammarian Panini in his book Ashtadhyayi – Adhyay 4; Paad 1; Sootr 87. Lest any Arya Samji tries to do some word gymnastics as they are so renowned for, we have given this source. Also the word Shishan (शिशन) used in this mantra only means ‘phallus’ according to Nirukt 4:19.

These beautiful women which the people of Vedic Paradise will receive, are called as Apsaras in Vedic terminology. At many places in the Vedas, prayers are made to get these Apsaras. For example, see Atharvaved 2:2:5 that I have already quoted. Vedas also list many types of Apsaras. Six types of Apsaras are spoken of in Rigveda 10:95:6 and Atharvaved 8:10:27,28 and the details about them can be found in many references of the Upanishads. A some places they are called as the Lovers of Devatas. For example in Atharvaved 6:118:3 it is said

“My creditor, the man whose wife I visit, he, Gods! whom I approach with supplication, Let not these men dominate me in speaking. Mind this, you Apsaras, Gods’ Consorts!

The authentic Upanishads also mention about numerous women being given in Paradise. Chandogya Upanishad 8:12:3 says

“Thus does that serene being, arising from this body, appear in its own form, as soon as it has approached the highest light. He is the highest person (uttama purusha). He moves about there laughing, playing, and rejoicing, be it with women, carriages, or relatives, never minding that body into which he was born.”

Here also we find a subtle similarity with Rigveda’s three forms of enjoyment. Some will laugh with women, some with play with women and others will rejoice (?) with them. This perfectly explains what Mod (मोद), Mud (मुद) and Pramud (प्रमुद) denote. In this Upanishad the ultimate enjoyment is called Rammanah (रममाणः). This word is derived from Ramah which means that pleasure which is generated by the affinity between a man and woman. NIrukt, speaking about this word says that Ramah is a woman only for enjoyment and not for any sacred purpose (Nirukt 12:13).

Katha Upanishad narrates a dialogue between Yama and Nachiketas, the son of Vahasrava. Yama offers Nachiketas three boons. The first two boons are granted by Yama, the third however disturbs Yama, so Yama tries to bargain. Yama says,

“Whatsoever objects of desire are difficult to obtain in the realm of mortals, ask them all as thou desire; these lovely maidens with their chariots and musical instruments, such as are not obtainable by mortals–be served by these whom I give to thee. O Nachiketas, do not ask regarding death.”

So far we have established the truth that Hindus will get Maidens or Apsaras in Heaven.

(b)Harlots for Hindu martyrs those who are slain in battlefields.

Hindus allege that Mujahids of Islam gets 72 virgins if they kill disbelievers.Which is absolutely false.

Now let’s see folks what the Hindu Gods give to their ‘Dharm Yoddhaas (Hindu Holy fighter)’.Well actually Hindu Gods has numerous delights ready for these ‘Dharm Yoddhaas’.Ishwar has arranged hundreds and thousands of Apsaras or ‘Harlot’ for ‘Dharm Yoddhaas’ as per the term used by Hindus on this issue.Hindu fanatics try to make mockery of Muslims on this issue but have they ever read what their scripture say about it?

Parashara Smriti 3.28-29 Celestial damsels seize for themselves, and take delight with the hero, whose body is wounded or cut by arrows, clubs, or maces. Thousands of celestial damsels, rush forward in a hurry towards a hero killed in battle, each proclaiming, ‘He is my lord, he is mine’.

Parashara Smriti 3.31 If victorious, wealth is won; if death results, beautiful women fall to his share; since this corporeal frame is liable to perish in an instant’s time, why should we be shy of meeting death on a field of battle?

Mahabharata 12.98 ”Foremost of Apsaras, numbering by thousands, go out with great speed (for receiving the spirit of the slain hero) coveting him for their lord.” Tr. K.M. Ganguli

Oh hoooooo!!! So the Hindus will get Thousands of Apsaras for killing Muslims. Great!! The Hindus must be happy now because they are getting more than Muslims. 1000 beautiful Apsaras for ‘Dharm Yoddhaas’.Not bad. Good going.

But,Hindu fanatics should somehow make sure that their wives’ doesn’t immolate themselves in their funeral pyre. Because if the wife immolates with her husband then he can’t enjoy Virgins in heaven,

Devi Bhagavatam 3.15.10-13 ”Some warriors on being slain in the battle instantly arose in a celestial car to the heavens and was seen addressing the celestial nymph, who came already within his embrace, thus “O one of beautiful thighs. Behold! how my beautiful body is lying on the earth below!” Another warrrior thus slain got up in the heavens on a celestial car, came in possession of a celestial nymph and when he was sitting with her in the car, his former wife in the earth made herself a sati and burnt herself up in the funeral pyre, thus got a celestial body, came up to the heavens; and that chaste virtuous woman drew away perforce her own husband away from that celestial nymph. Two warriors, went up, slew each other and lay down dead at the same time. They went up in the heavens at the same time and there began quarrel with each other and fight with their weapons for one and the same celestial nymph. Some hero got in the heavens a nymph more lovely and beautiful than himself and he thus became very much attached and devoted her. He began to describe his own heroic qualities and also to copy dotedly the qualities of his lover so that she might remain faithfully attached to him.” Tr. Swami Vijnananda

His fellow warriors enjoyed the virgins but this poor guy couldn’t because his wives immolated herself in his pyre. And took him away forcibly from the celestial nymph (Apsara).

Now lets proceed.

Mahabharata 13.79 ”That man who habitually makes gifts of kine comes to be regarded as the foremost of his species. When thus proceeding to Heaven, he is received by a thousand celestial damsels of beautiful hips and adorned with handsome robes and ornaments. These girls wait upon him there and minister to his delight. He sleeps there in peace and is awakened by the musical laughter of those gazelle-eyed damsels, the sweet notes of their Vinas, the soft strains of their Vallakis, and the melodious tinkle of their Nupuras. ” Tr. K.M. Ganguli

Great! Hindu gods are giving the ‘Dharm Yoddhas’ Apsaras having beautiful bums.WoW!! So Hindus better not check out the Bums of Girls on high streets because their God has already stored for them Apsaras having beautiful Bums!! ooOOOppsss!!

Lets proceed with our article.Lets see what more is there for Hindus.

Mahabharata 3.42 ”…It is through thy grace, O mountain, that Brahmanas and Kshatriyas and Vaisyas attain heaven, and their anxieties gone, sport with the celestials…” ” Tr. K.M. Ganguli

Mahabharata 13.106 ”’…That man who, unafflicted by disease and free from every malady, observes a fast, verily acquires, at every step the merits that attach to Sacrifices. Such a man ascends to Heaven on a car drawn by swans. Endued with puissance, he enjoys every kind of happiness in heaven for a hundred years. A hundred Apsaras of the most beautiful features wait upon and sport with him…” Tr. K.M. Ganguli

Padma Purana VII.9.99b-104 ”I shall tell you about the abode of him whose dead body is seen on the sandy bank of Ganga heated by the rays of the sun: with his entire body smeared with divine fragrant substances and sandal he always sports with divine damsels in heaven.” Tr. N.A. Deshpande

No spirituality in Hindu Paradise but only Sex! Sex! Sex!

Shiva Purana, Vidyeshwara Samhita 1, 24.66-70 ”He who wears Tripundra raises a thousand predecessors and a thousand successors in his family. In this life he will enjoy all wordly pleasures… He will assume then a divine auspicious body endowed with eight accomplishments. He will travel by a divine aerial chariot attended by celestial gods… finally reach Brahma’s region where he will sport with a hundred virgins.” Tr. Board of Scholars, Edited by Jagdish Lal Shastri

Skanda Purana V.iii.198.115-117 ”The man who has become pure (by taking bath) and who has observed fast shall keep awake in the night on the fourteenth lunar day in the dark half. He shall then worship Siva. Dispelling the delusion caused by sins, he goes to Rudraloka. He will acquire the form of Rudra with three eyes and four arms. He will sport about with celestial girls as long as the moon, sun and stars shine.” Tr. Ganesh Vasudeo Tagare

Brahma Purana 65.4-5 ”Brahma said:- O sages, listen all of you, even as I speak about that highest region which is wished for by the devotees. It is blessed, holy land and destructive of the world. It is most excellent of all the worlds. it is named (Visnu-loka) after the name of Visnu. It is a sacred abode full of mysteries. It is honoured and worshipped by the three worlds.[18-29] In that city of Visnu, worshipped by all, people walk about in divine aerial chariots…They are adorned by the celestial maidens…The people sport about with the various young women of Gandharvas and the group of celestial clans. The young women look very splendid with their faces as charming as the moon. Their breasts are plump and lifted up. Their waists are beautiful and elegant. Some are dark in complexion and some fair. Their gait is like that of elephants in their rut…As long as the heaven stands alongwith the moon and stars, they dally with the celestial nymphs. They resemble heated gold. They are devoid of old age and death.” Tr. Board of Scholars, Edited by J.L. Shastri

Brahma Purana 59.3-8 ”O brahmins, by taking the holy dip perfectly in the ocean thus, in that excellent holy centre, by duly worshipping Narayana…He goes to the world of Visnu on an aerial chariot with the lustre and colour of the sun…For the period of a hundred Manvantaras or more he will enjoy excellent pleasures and carry on dalliance with the celestial damsels. He will be devoid of old age and death.” Tr. Board of Scholars, Edited by J.L. Shastri

Oh hoooo!! So the Apsaras will have big boobs that will never sag!! And also shall have beautiful waist. After reading this Hindus will dream every night thinking about their boobs.Hindu Gods made a big mistake.He should have mentioned the Sizes. Who knows these Apsaras might have better figure than 36-24-36.

Devi Bhagavatam 4.6.56-58 ”The Apsaras said :– Of the five senses; sound, etc., the pleasures attained through the sensation of touch are excellent, and are reckoned as the source of Bliss; no other pleasures stand equal to it…If you like to go to Heaven, be pleased to know that there is no Superior Heaven to Gandhamadan (the mountain like intoxicating happiness of the senses). Dost thou enjoy the highest bliss, the pleasant sexual intercourse with us, the heavenly damsels in this very beautiful and lovely place.” Tr. Swami Vijnananda

Skanda Purana III.i.1.77 ”If one takes the holy bath for the sake of sexual pleasure with celestial damsels in heaven, he attains the same.” Tr. G.V. Tagare

Agni Purana 292.10-17 ”…The Man who joins the cows in their dance of wild ecstasy, is sure to enjoy the fruits of heaven in the company of celestial dancing girls…” Tr. Manmath Nath Dutt

What!! Now hindus will have to dance with cows to get Beautiful Apsaras?? Now I got why they want to ban beef. If all Muslims eat Cow then how they gonna get Dancing Girls in heaven.

Matsya Purana 78.10 ”He also goes to the all the seven lokas, in each kalpa, where he enjoys in the company of the nymphs and get bliss…” Tr. Taluqdar of Oudh, Edited by B.D. Basu

Matsya Purana 107.4-5 ”One who resides on the banks of the Ganges, with or without any object in view, and dies there, goes to heaven and remains far away out of the sight of hell. Such a man sits in a vimana, adorned by decent birds, like swans and flamingoes, where celestial nymphs sing lovely songs. Thus he enjoys long life in heaven.” Tr. Taluqdar of Oudh, Edited by B.D. Basu

Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Krishna Janma Khanda 59.77-103 ”…Virtuous men, after having performed sacred deeds in India, go to heaven and there attended by celestial damsels enjoy celestial bliss for a long time…Fair one, this Heaven is not a field of action; it is a place of enjoyment. And of all enjoyments, association with an excellent woman is the best…” Tr. Rajendra Nath Sen, Edited by B.D. Basu

Who are the Apsaras (Nymphs/Heavenly Virgins)?

This is very important.You all have read throughout the article the word ‘Apsaras’.Right?Now who are these Apsaras according to Hinduism.Well then read the following verse to know.

Devi Bhagavatam 9.1.96-143 ”…those that are sprung from Tamo Guna are recognised as worst and belonging to the unknown families. They are very scurrilous, cheats, ruining their families, fond of their own free ways, quarrelsome and no seconds are found equal to them. Such women become prostitutes in this world and Apsaras in the Heavens…” Tr. Swami Vijnananda

In other words Ishwar provides the Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas with numerous prostitutes in heaven. Especially for those who are slain in the battlefield. So Sunny Leonne has a great chance to go to Hindu heaven and please the Dharm Yoddhas with her sexuality. So Hindus! Enjoy having fun with Sunny Leonne and et al.

So that’s it folks! Next time if you find any Hindu making mockery of Islamic Paradise especially with regards to Believers getting Virgins in JANNAH, then throw this article right on their face. That would be the perfect response to those fanatics.


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