Exposing Hindu God Indra aka Rapist

Well, If you are thinking such an act can’t be done by Indra then you are absolutely wrong.Indra was very popular among hindu gods and sages for ravishing others’ wives and had done this to Ahalya by assuming the form of her husband Sage Gautama.Read the passage below from Skanda Purana,

Skanda Purana V.iii.136.2-16 ”There was a Brahmana named Gautama who was like another Brahma. He was endowed with truthfulness and piety. He was engrossed in the Vanaprastha stage of life. His blessed wife named Ahalya was very famous in all the three worlds as a woman endowed with beauty and prime of youth. Satakratu [Indra], the king of Devas, was infatuated by the exceptional beauty of Ahalya. The Slayer of Bala, therefore, tempted her. ”O beautiful lady of uncensured features, resort to me, the king of Devas, Sport about with me. You shall be one honoured in all the three worlds. What will you do with this Brahmana who has become lean and emaciated due to his over-zealousness for purity and conventional rites and austerities and Vedic studies! O lady of beautiful eyes, you must be rather undergoing sufferings now.”…Getting an opportunity, he assumed the excellent guise of the sage and carnally delighted Ahalya who believed (that he was Gautama) in the inner apartment. Within a moment thereafter, O descendant of Bharata, the excellent sage hurriedly entered the apartment. On seeing Gautama come Purandara [Indra] became terrified and he went out. Seeing him he thought (knew) that it was Sakra. So Gautama became highly enraged and he cursed Devendra: ”Since you could not control your senses, be one with a thousand vaginal apertures.” On being cursed thus, Devendra was instantly covered with a thousand vaginal apertures.” Tr. Ganesh Vasudeo Tagare

This story is also mentioned in Brahma Purana, Gautami-Mahatmya Part IV.16.39-44;

Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Krishna Janma Khanda chapter 61. When Indra saw sage Gautama going out with his disciples, he thought this is the opportunity and raped Ahalya by assuming Gautama’s form and Ahalya wasn’t aware of the fact. But when Gautama caught Indra raping his wife he cursed Indra. The curse on Indra by Gautama is quite funny. As a result of the curse Indra lost his testicles and penis and also had one thousand marks of vagina all over his body,

Brahma Purana, Gautami-Mahatmya 16.59 Gautama said:- ”Sin has been committed by you due to your passion for the vagina. Hence become a person with a thousand vaginas in your body”. Tr. Board of Scholars, Edited by J.L. Shastri

Mahabharata 12.343 ”In consequence of his licentious assault on Ahalya, Indra was cursed by Gautama, her husband, through which Indra got a green beard on his face. Through that curse of Kausika Indra lost, also, his own testicles, which loss was afterwards (through the kindness of the other deities) made up by the substitution of the testicles of a ram.” Tr. K.M. Ganguli

This is also mentioned in Brahmanda Purana,

Brahmanda Purana ”Formerly, the penis of Indra along with his scrotum, O sage conversant with virtue, was made to fall down on the earth by the infuriated sage Gautama.” Tr. Ganesh Vasudeo Tagare

Swami Prabhupada writes,

”…Once he [Indra] raped the wife of Gautama Muni by using his disappearing art, and similarly by becoming invisible he stole the horse of Maharaja Prthu….” A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada on Srimad Bhagawatam 4.24.5
[http://vanisource.org/wiki/SB_4.24.5 ]

Indra somehow got the scrotum of a ram fixed in his body, and the marks of thousand vaginas were later turned into thousand visions.

Mahabharata 13.40 ”…The Creator himself is incapable of restraining them within the limits that are proper: what need then be said of men? This, O chief of men, I heard in former days, viz., how Vipula had succeeded in protecting his preceptor’s spouse in ancient times. There was in days of yore a highly blessed Rishi of the name of Devasarman of great celebrity. He had a wife, Ruchi by name, who was unequalled on earth for beauty. Her loveliness intoxicated every beholder among the deities and Gandharvas and Danavas. The chastiser of Paka, viz., Indra, the slayer of Vritra, O monarch, was in particular enamoured of her and coveted her person. The great ascetic Devasarman was fully cognisant of the disposition of women. He, therefore, to the best of his power and energy, protected her (from every kind of evil influence). The Rishi knew that Indra was restrained by no scruples in the matter of seeking the companionship of other people’s wives. It was for this reason that he used to protect his spouse, putting forth all his power…” Tr. K.M. Ganguli

So now I am free from all the allegations that I am using bad words against Indra, as the Rishi himself has described the truth about Indra.

Indra in old age had lusted after another lady named Sukala, but she in anger insulted him,

Padma Purana II.58.25-28a ”Sukala said:- Well being to you. I am protected by the magnanimous sons of my husband, and by companions; so I am not at all alone. From whom (then) do I have fear? I am protected by brave men everywhere. I do not have much time to talk. I am engaged in my duty towards him. O you very intelligent one, why do you not feel ashamed of dallying with me while your eyes are trickling (i.e. while you are old). Who are you that you have come here, and are not afraid even of death?” Tr. N.A. Deshpande

Indra addressed Ahalya the wife of Sage Gautama in the following way,

Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Krishna Janma Khanda 61.22-41 ”…What an indescribable asceticism the great devotee Gautama had practiced by virtue of which he luckily secured the possession of a very beautiful wife! By the worship of the eternal goddess of Nature, (Parvati) who is the emblem of the spell of Visnu and by the adoration of Kamala, he was undoubtedly secured a wife like Kamala having looks of a lotus, who is a woman of the first four classes (Padmini), of slender waist, huge buttocks, hard breast; of the colour of heated gold, of fine teeth and soft and pure complexion, the touch of whose body is agreeably warm in winter and delightfully cool in summer. Fair one, Cupid versed in sexual science or the lustful moon-god alone knows how to cohabit with a damsel like you. How can Gautama resourceful only in meditations know that? In sexual science I am a past-master, and on this score I am always eulogised by the above named clever individuals and by the celestial whores Urvasi etc. O nymph possessing an excellent face, I shall make Sachi your maid-servant…” Tr. Rajendra Nath Sen
Devi Bhagavatam 9.40.13-25 ”Nârâyana said :– In ancient days, Indra the Lord of the three worlds, intoxicated with wine and becoming lustful and shameless, began to enjoy Rambhâ in a lonely grove. After having enjoyed her, he became attracted to her; his mind being wholly drawn to her, he remained there in that forest, his mind becoming very passionate.” Tr. Swami Vijnananda

Moreover Indra was described as drunkard,shameless and lustful.Read the passage below:

Devi Bhagavatam 9.40.13-25 ”Nârâyana said :– In ancient days, Indra the Lord of the three worlds, intoxicated with wine and becoming lustful and shameless, began to enjoy Rambhâ in a lonely grove. After having enjoyed her, he became attracted to her; his mind being wholly drawn to her, he remained there in that forest, his mind becoming very passionate.” Tr. Swami Vijnananda

There is a story mentioned in Matsya Purana which tells us how the Devas used to capture women and forced them into prostitution. Can the Hindu digest these verses and show it to others so that everyone may know what Hinduism is really about. The verses are pretty clear and speaks for itself so I won’t be explaining it,

Matsya Purana 71.26-30 ”Once upon a time thousands and thousands of the demons (Danavas, Asuras, Daityas and Raksasas) were killed in the war between the Devas and the demons. Indra told their numberless widows and those women who were forcibly seized and enjoyed, to lead the life of prostitutes and remain devoted to the kings and the Devas. Indra continued, ‘You should look upon, with equal eye, the kings your masters and on Sudra. All of you will attain prosperity, according to your fate.You should satisfy those who would come to you with adequate sum of money to enjoy your company, even if they be poor. ” Tr. Taluqdar of Oudh, Edited by B.D. Basu

Indra told the widows of Demons(Non Hindus) how they should lead their prostitution life,

Matsya Purana 71.44-45 ”That Brahmana should be well fed and be devoutly looked upon as cupid, for the sake of sexual enjoyment. Each and every desire of that Brahmana should be satisfied by the woman devote. She should, with all heart and soul and with a smile on her face, yield herself up to him.” Tr. Taluqdar of Oudh, Edited by B.D. Basu

Matsya Purana 71.56-59 ”Henceforth, any Brahmana coming to them for the sake of sexual enjoyment on a Sunday, should be respected and honoured. If with the consent of that Brahmana, another handsome person come to them, these women should, with love and affection and to the best of their ability,perform all the fiftyeight kinds of observances of Love, favourite of man and gods, which would lead to pregnancy and which is not harmful to their soul’s welfare. ” Tr. Taluqdar of Oudh, Edited by B.D. Basu

Padma Purana II.30.76-85 ”O brahmanas, once the brahmana, the very lustrous and vigorous son of Atri went to the Nandana (garden); there is saw Indra, Pakasasana. He saw Indra, who was accompanied by hosts of celestial nymphs and Gandharvas and Kinnaras…who was adorned with all ornaments, who was engaged in sexual sports, who possessed an unlimited prowess…By his side he saw the blessed virtuous Paulomi, charming and auspicious, glorious with beauty, lustre and penance, shining with good fortune and chastity. With her that Indra enjoyed in the Nandana forest. Seeing his sport, the best brahmana Anga (thought): ‘Lucky is the king of gods who is surrounded by such (beings). Oh, (great) is the power of his penance, due to which he has obtained such a great (i.e. high) position.” Tr. N.A. Deshpande

Another act of Indra,

Mahabharata 3.115 ”…And the mighty ruler of the Haihaya tribe placing himself on his celestial car,affronted Indra, while that deity was enjoying himself with Sachi, his queen. Then, O Bharata’s son, the blessed and the revered god (Vishhnu) held a consultation with Indra…” Tr. K.M. Ganguli

From the last few years I read news about Swamis arrested for raping women and minor girls. As soon as they are caught in this disgusting act they are termed as ‘Self-styled Godman’ or ‘Fake Baba’ ,but as I have read the characters of Hindu gods, I think Swamis do exactly what their gods did some 3000 years ago. So Hindu priests shouldn’t be blamed for this as they are well versed with their scriptures and know very well about their gods. They just imitate their gods. There is nothing to be shocked about it.So that’s it folks.

I would just ask all Hindus this question that,Where is the line drawn between a God or Gods who rape their own creation and runs lusting for his own creation? A GOD who is formless , pure & free from all sins.And these morally sick gods that you revere are going to teach morals to the society or their hindu followers? If such are the Gods who need sex and rape their own creation to satisfy their lust , what is the scope of devil doing any harm? When the work of devil is already done by these sex thirsty and rape committing hindu Gods.I wonder,how does a hindu trust his own wife,mother or daughter with these kind of lusty God who doesn’t even spare the wife of his own devotees.One can do nothing but pity at the ill fated poor hindus.