Exposing Hindu God Ram

There’s been lots of hype regarding “RAM MANDIR” issue.The right wing Hindutva organization wants to build RAM MANDIR on the rubbles of Babri Masjid that was built by Mughal Emperor Babar. Ram has become like a main god of Hinduism due to the much conflict of his birthplace.And the chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ has become the favourite chants of Hindu extremists who use it only during riots or during other violent attacks.This is the main reason that today am writing this article. In this article I will not abuse Hindu God Ram, but I will certainly raise some questions on Ram’s Lordship!! I would politely and humbly ask Hindus to give answer to these questions in a rational and logical way. So let’s proceed.

1. The Brahmins claim that Lord Rama is incarnated (came in human form) to study and understand the difficulties of mankind. Is it really necessary for a god to incarnate Himself?? Can he not understand the creation? Why should God become a Human in order to understand the sufferings of these creatures?According to the Ramayana, Ram spent most of his life trying to save His wife, Sita from the clutches of Demon Ravan and at the same time Ram was enjoying life to the full at every opportunity.Is this what You Hindus call God??
2. We all know Ram has a father and a mother. Now we all know that it’s only human beings comes out from mother’s womb. So to the Hindus I ask this, do you really believe that God came out of a womb? That God came out of a womb covered in blood, shaking, and crying? How can God be all powerful yet he comes out as a tiny weak baby who is crying and shaking? However so forget the paradox, just think of this situation, that the all mighty powerful God, the God who created me and you, and the sun, and the moon, and the heavens and all that is around us, this God came out of a womb shivering and covered in blood?!How can Ram be God when he has father and Mother? Moreover God is unlike his creation. Then How come God has a gender?? Because your God Ram is a male.How can he be God??
3. Now let us move on, let us move on to the after-birth, when the baby is a few days old, do you really believe that Your God Ram was once a tiny small baby, who needed to be breast fed?! Do you believe God used to be a tiny baby who would fall asleep as babies do?! Do you believe God was a tiny baby who sometimes cries in the middle of the night?!
4. Your God Ram has siblings. It’s only human beings that have Brother and sisters. How can Ram be God when he has brother and sister??
5. Ram also married sita. But it’s only Human beings that need to marry to perpetuate Human existence and to have lawful sexual intercourse. Are you hindus saying that God married and had sex with his wife and produce two kids Luv-kush?? How can Ram be God when he married and had children. It’s a blasphemy!!
6. Before Ram were to marry sita he had to pass a test by aiming a target that was required to marry sita and was one of the condition of marriage. How can Ram be God when he has to give a test in order to marry?? Because it’s only Human being that is required to give test in this world.
7. Ram’s father and mother never took their son as God then why do you hindus take him as God?? Because had Ram been a God his Father couldn’t have sent him to jungle.
8. All of us know Ramayana and obviously Lord Ram. We also know that Lord Ram was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who is almighty God. In Ramayana story, when Ram’s beloved wife Sita was kidnapped, Ram ran here and there in search of Sita. He was unknown who had kidnapped Sita. Later he was informed by Jatayu. Now I have a question that if Ram is Lord Vishnu, why can’t he know where Sita was?
9. What kind of God is Ram that his wife got kidnapped by a Demon? Which means this God of Hindus is ignorant and powerless.
10. When god Rama was exiled to the forest together with his wife, sukrievan appeared as deer and fooled your god Ram. Although Ram was a “god”, he was not able to see through Sukreivan’s disguise!How can God be fooled??
11. And where were Humans back then that he had to take help of monkeys to rescue his wife from the clutches of Demon? Moreover, it’s human beings that need help coz of his weakness. Are hindus telling us that their God Ram was a weak God and couldn’t overpower Demon alone? What kind of God is this??
12. To retrieve his wife from Devil Ravan, your god Ram sought the help of Hanuman, a monkey god. Hanuman agreed to help Rama bring his wife back on condition that god Rama in turn help him (Hanuman) to kill his twin brother prior to undertaking the mission.It took more than twelve years for Hanuman to build a bridge and accomplish the task while Ravan just took Sita and flew to Sri lanka in just one day’s time Where is the bridge that Rama built?? Who is more powerful – God Rama or Devil Ravan ? Would a god seek the help of another god to murder a third god?If Hanuman could fly carrying big mountains, he should have in the first instance carried and flown god Ram to Sri Lanka, which would have resulted in early rescue of Sita.Who knows what Ravan might have done to Sita during this period of twelve years? Definitely a devil would have done only “devilish” things!Before helping god Rama, Hanuman made Rama shoot his own twin brother in the back and only then did Hanuman help god Rama How can a “god” indulge in such a criminal act for personal gain?
13. He relies on vulgar village gossip as a basis to doubt Sita’s fidelity. And further banishes a pregnant Sita into the forest.Later again he asks her to prove her chastity by jumping into fire.What the hell is this??He killed his wife, Sita, just for the sake of proving her chastity to others. He did all this just to keep his sycophants happy.So Rama was afraid of public’s censure. For fame he abandoned his loving pregnant wife. Even worst of the Human being won’t ask his wife to jump into the fire to prove her chastity. How could Hindu’s God do so?? Ram was indeed a cruel human being and not a God.
14. Finally, so called Hindu God Ram walked voluntarily into the ‘Sarayu’ river and ended his life by committing suicide.Now tell me if Ram was God then how can he die? I just don’t get How can God die?

Now Let’s expose some awful deeds done by this so called hindu god Ram.

Ram beheads a Shudra. Once,A Brahmin boy died in Ram’s kingdom so Rama went out to find the cause of this death signifying that there must be some unrighteous thing going on that lead to the death of this boy. So Rama found Shambuka who was hanging upside down from a tree performing vigorous penance. Ram asked his caste and reason for his penance and beheaded him. Some apologists say that Rama beheaded Shambuka because Shambuka was performing penance to acquire boon for an evil purpose. If Shambuka was slain for that then why wasn’t Ravan beheaded too? Is that because Ravana was a Brahmin and Shambuka was a Shuda? Shambuka in this passage clearly said that he is performing penance to acquire the status of God in body. He wasn’t performing it with some evil intention. If Rama already knew his intention then why did he first enquired and then beheaded him? Why didn’t he just go there and behead him? Rama asked Shambuka’s caste, Shambuka reiterated that he is a Shudra. Shudra caste is emphasised here which means that Rama beheaded him because a Shudra should not perform such penance.Ram also cut off the nose and ear of Shurpanakha who was expressing her love for Ram[Valmiki Ramayana, Aranya Kanda 3.18.20-21 ].If Krishna lusts after several women then it’s just love but if Shurpanakha expresses her love then she is lustful. If today a man throw acid on a woman’s face you call him criminal and want him to be punished.But what would you call Ram who has disfigured a woman by cutting her nose and ears? Will you still call him god? Lakshman mutilated another lady named Ayomukhi,and this is what provoked Ravan to abduct Sita.

Of course, one could always twist these facts and bring in hindsight justifications and philosophical sophistry and spiritual mumbo-jumbo to give rosy interpretations to everything Ram did. But its still hard to ignore so many awful deeds of Rama. I find it very unconvincing when people claim he set an example and was the pinnacle of righteousness. Brahmins always criticize, condemn and mock at other religions .Their criticism and mocking is unreasonable and unacceptable.So this time I turned the tables.There are many things to write on Hindus’ so called God Ram.But that will make my article big.I will just post few quotes to wrap up this article:

Mr. C.R. Sreenivasa lyengar’s translation of Valmiki Ramayana says: “Though Rama had married Sita to be the queen, he married many other wives for sexual pleasure in accordance with the royal customs. (Ayodha Kandam 8th Chapter, page 28). (The term “Rama’s wives” as been used in many places in Ramayan). As I mentioned, he was a passive dullard at best, and a opportunistic misogynist ass at worst.I find him a lousy character.”

In his autobiography, Dr Charles , an American scholar says that it is Very simple to define a Hindu. He says a Hindu means “one who believes in anything and everything if said in the name of god and shall never question its authenticity”.

“The Ramayana and Mahabaratha are nothing but another Arabian Nights Story”. Jawaharlal Nehru

“Rama is not a God; but he is a fantasy hero” Rajagopalachari, First Governor-General of India and a great Brahmin leader.

“Ramayan is not a divine story; it is only a literature” (Kaliyuga Kamban, T.K. Chidambaranatha Mudaliar).

I am eagerly waiting for Hindus’ reply on my article. And one request to Hindus is that if you can’t give rational and logical answers to these questions of mine, then also don’t abuse me. Just self-introspect and question your belief rather than blindly following something and killing innocent people and demolishing their places of worship in the name of your religion just for a fictional and fantasy character.


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