Why I believe that Qur’an is the word of God

In this article I will explain why I believe Qur’an to be the word of God. I don’t believe Qur’an to be the word of God just because it’s said in the Qur’an that Allah is the author of Qur’an and revealed Qur’an on Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ). Rather I used my logic and reason to arrive the conclusion that Qur’an is indeed the word of God.I will try to keep this article short.So here we go.

Now we have to ask ourselves who could be the author of Qur’an. Who are the suspects? I have three possibilities. You can add fourth one if you have.
1. Satan
2. Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ)
3. Allah

Now let’s take the first possibility that Satan could have authored the Qur’an.This is impossible. Because Qur’an opposes Satan,exposes satan,insults satan,warns against satan,ask us to seek refuge from satan,therefore Qur’an can’t be from satan.Simple.

You can also check my article by clicking the link below where I discussed whether the Qur’an is the word of God or Satan.

So now we are left with two choices. Either it is Allah or Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ).

Let’s take the second possibility that Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ) has authored the Qur’an.

Here we have to think could this man capable of producing something like Qur’an. The answer is no.Because He was illiterate and hence incapable producing such a unique literary magnificent piece “Qur’an”. The Qur’an is incontestably the standard of the Arabic tongue, a literary masterpiece. Every page of the Qur’an is literally filled with such rhetorical devices and literary nuances. The Qur’an is a known literary masterpiece yet its verse were at many times revealed for specific circumstances and events that occurred. However, without revision or deletion they are literary masterpieces. All literary masterpieces have undergone revision and deletion to ensure literary perfection, however the Qur’an was revealed instantaneously. What makes the Qur’an a miracle, is that it lies outside the productive capacity of the nature of the Arabic language. The productive capacity of nature, concerning the Arabic language, is that any grammatically sound expression of the Arabic language will always fall within the known Arabic literary forms of Prose and Poetry.The Qur’an is a miracle as its literary form cannot be explained via the productive capacity of the Arabic language, because all the possible combinations of Arabic words, letters and grammatical rules have been exhausted and yet the Qur’an’s literary form has not been imitated. The Arabs who were known to have been Arab linguists par excellence failed to successfully challenge the Qur’an. I am not convinced that an illiterate man can suddenly become Shakespeare. Even then, Shakespeare did not write his plays in one sitting. Even Romeo and Juliet went through the editing process, spelling/grammar mistakes, tweaks here and there. The Qur’an was narration, speech. Yet it’s grammatical accuracy and attention to detail is astounding. As a reasonable person, I cannot believe that is a coincidence.

Then the Qur’an which is free from contradictions and errors. A person who never wrote things down, who can neither read or write who only spoke the words over a period of 23 years in the middle claimed that whatever I have been saying and whatever I would say in coming years you are not going to find any contradiction in that, and true to the word, and you still can’t find any contradiction, the Qur’an is not edited / proofread. No matter how much knowledge and understanding mankind attains, they will still inevitably make mistakes, forget things or fall short. If the Qur’an were not the word of Allah, there would be some contradictions and shortcomings in it. But it is free from any shortcoming, error or contradiction; indeed, all of it is wisdom, mercy and justice. Whoever thinks that there is any contradiction in it, that is because of his diseased thinking and mistaken understanding; if he refers to the scholars they will explain to him what is correct and clear up the confusion for him. Moreover,if an illiterate person talking about the science, history and law over a period of 23 years, and in the middle says whatever I have already said and whatever I still have to say, you are not going to find any contradictions, you would never need to proofread it or edit it to change a word, and would never require a revision. Ask any author of any book to make such a claim about their book if they dare.

Then, there is internal evidence within the Qur’an that Muhammad was not its author. Several verses criticized him, and were on occasion strongly worded. But if this Qur’an had come from the Messenger of Allah, there would have been no need for this; if he were to conceal any part of the Qur’an, he would have concealed some of these verses which contained rebukes or drew his attention to certain matters which he should not have done.

Then there are reports of matters of the unseen, both past and future, which no human being could speak of independently, no matter how great his knowledge, especially at that time which is regarded as primitive in terms of technology and modern tools. Within the Qur’an are recorded facts about ancient times that were unknown to Muhammad’s contemporaries and even to historians in the first half of the 20th century. The Qur’an also mentions a good amount of historical information. The Lost City of Iram, The Pharaoh of the Exodus having drowned, with his body preserved as a sign for people of future generations. He could not have been aware of previous nations, civilization that are mentioned in the Qur’an and later confirmed by the history books.Then there are Prophecies in the Qur’an which later came true. Such as victory over Romans and Pagans and fate of specific individuals like Abu Lahab. Then another prophesy is that Allah has said that He has made Qur’an easy to memorise. Today we find that the most memorized book in the world is Qur’an. We have millions of Hafiz-ul-Qur’an around the globe that memorized the entire Qur’an cover to cover.The astonishing fact is this that most of the memorizers are Non-Arabs.

Moreover I am adding another two possibility as a bonus. Such as:

The Qur’an could not have come from an Arab as the Arabs, at the time of revelation, were linguists par excellence and they failed to challenge the Qur’an. They had even admitted that the Qur’an could have not come from a human being.

The Qur’an could not have come from a Non-Arab as the language in the Qur’an is Arabic, and the knowledge of the Arabic language is a pre-requisite to successfully challenge the Qur’an.

Other reasons are for my belief that Qur’an is the word of God are:

Then Preservation of Qur’an is another reason. Throughout history man has corrupted the divinely revealed Scriptures, whether by accident or intentionally. But Qur’an is preserved as Allah has promised. Every letter of it was transmitted by thousands from thousands down throughout history, and not one letter of it was altered.

This Qur’an is also a challenge from Allah to mankind and the jinn to produce anything like it, but they were unable to. Then He challenged them to produce only ten soorahs like it, and they were unable to. Then He challenged them to produce something like the shortest soorah in the Qur’an, and they could not do it, even though those who were being challenged were the most eloquent and well-spoken of mankind, and the Qur’an was revealed in their language.All types of human expression can be imitated if the blueprint of that expression exists. For example artwork can be imitated even though some art is thought to be extraordinary or amazingly unique. But in the case of the Qur’an we have the blueprint – the Qur’an itself – yet no one has been able to imitate its unique literary form. Yet despite that they stated that they were completely incapable of doing that. This challenge has remained down throughout history, but not one person has been able to produce anything like it. No one has been able to produce a book like it, nor ten chapters like it, nor even one chapter like it. If this were the word of a human being, some people would have been able to produce something like it or close to it.

The great miracles which the Qur’an contains of legislation, rulings, stories and beliefs, which could not be produced by any created being no matter how great his intelligence and level of understanding. No matter how hard people try to promulgate laws to regulate their lives, they can never succeed so long as they are far away from the teachings of the Qur’an; the further away they are, the greater their rate of failure. This is something that has been proven by the kuffaar themselves.

Now lets go to the teachings of Qur’an,and it’s message to mankind. Look at the society today. It’s full of poisonous things. And governments are encouraging us to indulge in those things. From my point of view I will just present 5 examples.For e.g., Alcohol, drugs,gambling, promiscuity, interest dealings are harming our society. All of these things Qur’an warns you from. The effect of the Quran on a person’s life, i.e. improvement in his quality of life was not only seen during the Prophet’s time but witnessed for all times.If Qur’an is followed by each and every individual there would be complete peace and serenity in this world.The distinctive approach of the Qur’an is that its spiritual message includes practical injunctions aimed at the general welfare of individuals, society and the environment in which we live.The Quran’s message is eternal and universal, transcending our differences in race, colour, ethnicity and nationality. It provides guidance on every facet of human life – from economics and the ethics of trade to marriage, divorce, parenting, gender issues and inheritance. Monotheism is a prominent theme of the Quran, affirming that God is One without any partners. The Qur’anic message is relevant to every nation and era – another proof that the Qur’an is truly the Word of God. Intending for this Book to remain a source of guidance, inspiration, wisdom and healing for all of humanity, God designed its message to transcend the bounds of time.The Qur’an’s divine message applies to all aspects of life and rises above the superficial differences among humans. Its teachings guide the spiritual, social and intellectual needs of humanity. It encourages us to remember God often, to humble ourselves before Him, to fulfill our promises, to work together as a community and to remain patient and perseverant in times of hardship. Qur’anic stories teach us the importance of placing our trust in God, speaking the truth in the face of injustice and dealing with fellow humans with mercy. In a world starved of love and compassion, the Qur’an’s universal message provides the solution to the collective despair of the human condition.

Finally,I am left with the last option that it is from God.

So in the absence of any more acceptable alternative as source and author of the Qur’an, I am more or less forced by reason to accept the Qur’an for what it claims to be – revelation from God through His Prophet Muhammad. This position seems reasonable not just because it is the only option that cannot be objectively eliminated, but because it is only reasonable to expect that a book with such qualities and contents would come from man’s Creator and Guide. Of all the possible sources of the Qur’an, it is only the last alternative – God – who even claims in the Qur’an itself to be the author of the scripture, for the Qur’an is truly the spoken word of God.The position, therefore, which holds that God is the author and source of the Qur’an still stands, and the challenge (or falsification test, Q.4:82) remains open to anyone to disprove the Qur’an’s claim to being revelation from God. Having undertaken this task my contention that the Qur’an is the Word of God is in fact, a product of very sound and reasoned judgment in light of all the available evidence.


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