What will Women get in Jannah?

Lots of girls and women asks me bit angrily that Men get Hoor Al’-Ayn in Jannah.But what about us women.What do we get??!!

This topic has been extensively dealt with by many Scholars of Islam.But here I want to answer in Short to all women Muslim and Non-Muslim alike and others who may have this question up in their mind.In response to this hot question,I want to quote just one verse from Qur’an that will be the answer to them.So the verse is:

“…..And you will have therein whatever your souls desire, and you will have therein whatever you request.” [Qur’an 41:31]

So that’s it folks. The above verse says it all. Whatever the women will wish for in Jannah,they shall provided.

My Personal Advice to all the Womenfolks:

First of all Jannah and Jahannum (and Hoor Al’-Ayn, for that matter) and all what happens in them are matters of the Hereafter. These are a part of the realm of the Unseen of which we have very limited perception. Such matters are beyond our understanding and cannot be known by reasoning and thinking and we have really no knowledge of these things except what the Qur’an and the authentic Sunnah tell us. All we do is to believe in such matters of the Unseen, while remembering that its realities are known only to Allah. And actually, one should not really get into the details or indulge in discussions of the matters of the unseen without knowledge, because there is really no benefit in that. Rather if such a question comes up, we should say Allah knows the best.

We all know Allah is Most Just and the Most-Merciful. HE(swt) created men and women differently.And He put in desires and wants in our hearts and minds different. What pleases women may be different from what pleases men. And everybody knows that. So wouldn’t ALLAH, Who created us in the first place know what is better for Us? O Women!He will never ever let you down or be unfair to you. If He has promised the men of Jannah Hoor Al’-Ayn, then surely He will give the believing women of Jannah something pleasing too. So have this firm belief in Him, and have blind trust in Allah.Verily,HE knows women and your nature best and HE will give the women of Jannah whatever will please her the best. Remember,O Muslim Women, that life in Jannah will be nothing like life here in this world. It is a different world that has nothing in common with this world except names only; the realities of things are completely different. Pleasures and feelings that we experience here in this life will be experienced in a different and much better and purer way. We will eat and drink but there will be no filth or dirt. Our bodies will not excrete wastes nor will we grow old. And not only our physical bodies, but our psychology and nature will be different also. So even if the men will have Hoor Al’-Ayn, You will not be jealous. As we read in Hadees that there will be no dissension,no jealousy, no enmity and no hatred amongst the people in Jannah. [See: Sahih Muslim Book 53, Hadith 20 and,Tirmizi Book 38, Hadith 2733]. Moreover Allah has also mentioned in Qur’an that there will be no mutual hatred nor resentment amongst the people in Jannah as he will remove it from the hearts [See Qur’an 7:43]. Therefore,there is nothing but joy and happiness in Paradise; there is no room for hatred and rancour in the hearts of the people of Paradise.So, Al-hoor al-‘Ayn are something which Allah has created to honour the people of Paradise and to increase their delight.But the large number of Hoors will not have any effect on a woman, and her feelings towards her co-wives and her husband’s Hoor Al-‘Ayn will not be like her feelings in this world. So rest assured,there will be absolute love and peace and no jealousy.Besides this,just think about it,isn’t the One capable of making you the way you are in this world with all your jealousy and the other ‘womanly’ feelings,wouldn’t capable of making you without jealousy in the Hereafter??!! Of course He can!Rejoice, O Women, the believing women will be better than the Hoor Al’-Ayn.The situation of the believing woman in Jannah will be better than the situation of the hoor al-‘Ayn; she will be higher in status and more beautiful.

Finally,we have no right to question Allah and His wisdom. Actually, if you think about it, we have no right to question Allah in whatever He does,why He does,how He does it and when He does it. And,for arguments sake, EVEN IF, in His Infinite Wisdom, Allah chooses to give men Hoor Al-’Ayn and the women absolutely nothing, so be it. Know firmly, in your heart and believe unshakably in your mind, that, this is what was better for you. Know that He will NEVER be unfair to you and He will give you ONLY and ONLY if He pleases. And He will withhold from you, ONLY and ONLY if you deserve it. C’mon Women Where is your trust in the Allah Almighty??

Instead of worrying about what Allah has promised men and competing with them, you should focus on how to serve Him and worship Him better. You should try to improve your relationship with Him so that we may hope for His generous reward and forgiveness, so that out of His Mercy, you may enter in Jannah.Think about it, sister, if we learn all the details of what life in Jannah will be like and what rewards women will get, but fail to worship and serve Him the way He and His Messenger have taught us to,then our knowledge is pretty useless, isn’t it…? Getting into JANNAH is the biggest thing.What more could you ask for???? When you enter Jannah you will have delights and pleasures such as no eye has seen, no ear has heard and no mind has ever imagined. You will have all that you wish for in the best of ways. You will be more beautiful than you can ever imagine, with a status higher than you can ever conceive and happier than you have ever been, content with your husband and family. Everything that you will ask for will be granted, and everything that you long for, you will get. You will never find anything to upset or disturb you, or make you jealous, for you will be in the care of the Most Generous, Most Merciful.What more could you ask for….???? Thus, We shouldn’t worry ourselves with what Men get and What women get.Rather our focus should be on how to get Jannah.That’s it.


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